Blood Is Thicker Than Water…Or Is It?

Okay, let’s count as to how many families we see around us being broken & destroyed forever on materialistic issues like property & money.. Nah, never mind, we don’t have so many fingers!

This trend of ‘siblings’ & ‘relatives’ fighting each other like cats & dogs in order to have the ‘upper hand’ and ‘bigger share’ in financial matters within the household is eating up close knit families apart, thread-by-thread.

Yes, disagreements among family members have been a given since time immemorial – for that matter, you put a bunch of homo sapiens together in one house for more than a week & some sort of conflict is bound to happen(eg : the reality show Big Brother) because that’s how human nature is but those disagreements in the past didn’t turn relatives into ‘enemies’ battling court cases & passing nasty glares, as they do today. Life is a result of all kinds of experiences but turning those bad moments into fierce, acrimonious battles,which last forever, is just unfortunate. Apocalypse is here, friends.

All of us are on lease on this planet. A lease that can be renewed, at max, for approx 100 years. If we are all temporary residents then why are we so concerned about grabbing possessions instead of positive experiences & happy memories? At least be civil with each other, if you can’t always see eye-to-eye. By all means, aspire, inspire & be ambitious but not ruthless.

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