Self Love

Self love is the purest form of love that exists, apart from mother’s love of course. We often forget to say ‘I love you’ to ourselves. Dear readers, please treat this post as a reminder to say the three magical letters to yourself ! Unconditional positive regard for oneself is the biggest gift ever. Love yourself & you’ll see life shine like a bright diamond 🙂

Scarcity of Efficient Workers

The number of efficient workers in the world is so low that when we come across one, we cannot not praise that person enough ! Work & life becomes so smooth when you have responsive, hard working & industrious co workers.

People who are lethargic, corrupt & always cribbing are best avoided but unfortunately their proportion in the populace is too high so the chances of meeting them increases manifold… Dear reader, isn’t it such a pain to deal with irresponsible co workers? Phew !

Talking Helps Like Nothing Else!

Whenever you face a stressful situation, always make the effort to talk it out with someone. Explain your issues in detail & most importantly, maintain a calm demeanor. If you talk & listen with patience & an open mind, you will see the situation from an objective light & chances are that you will you will find a breakthrough.

Talk. Listen. Share. That’s the mantra to stay positive & deal with all the issues that threaten to bog you down !! Remember, you’ve got this ! 🙂

Hurry! Run Away…From Toxic People !!!

Meeting or even giving mind space to toxic people is such a waste of time. It’s pitiful how some people can ONLY & ONLY spew venom on others. In case you are wondering who these toxic people are, let me give you some of their common traits : bullying, taunting, labeling, ostracizing others, only to hide their own insecurities. I am sure you must have come across such prototypes at least once.

The situation becomes worse when our own so called ‘near & dear ones’ look down on us. Hurting people by excluding them, bad mouthing them, treating them like dirt for no plausible fault of the victim, is a sin which even the Universe doesn’t forgive so easily. Karma eventually catches up.

To all those who have ever felt unloved & unwanted, please remember you are BEAUTIFUL! If some people can’t appreciate your worth, it’s their misfortune, not yours. Cut & shut such toxicity from your life. Life is meant to be lived, not dragged. Focus on building your own life. The ability to move on is a trait that can be cultivated. Self love is the best form of love. Don’t let their venom kill your soul.

Love & peace to all !!

Kindness Is A Fashion Statement..

Which never goes out of vogue

In life, if there is one lesson that each and every child should imbibe, it is that what goes around, comes around. Being kind not only helps others around us but also helps us in the process. Our actions always catch up so it’s advisable to be as correct in our conduct & thoughts as we can be. Yes, life is not perfect but we can at least be conscious of our own behavior in order to shield ourselves from avoidable misery.

Love & peace to all !!

Love As An Emotion

Love – for a person/thing/place, is such a warm, cozy feeling. It has the power to make the world go round. It is way better than hate. Hatred only breeds negativity but love liberates. Of course it feels better to be loved than to just keep giving love, but even the latter is a very empowering feeling. I’d like to remind all those people who nurture and live on hate, to give warmth a chance. It not only would make them a much calmer & happier lot but also spread positive vibes in the air !!

Break Up/ Divorce

One wonders why this so called ‘society’ looks down on a couple who don’t want to be together anymore. Why is it such a big societal taboo to declare that this relationship didn’t work out & it’s time to move on? Moving on means the couple is hoping for better times in each of their lives & in their loved ones’ lives too. Is seeking happiness a crime in the eyes of the world?

It’s better to have two happy homes than to have one unhappy home. Often couples stick together for the sake of their children, not realizing that it’s those very children who would get impacted the most in the long term. Growing up, they’ll only see their parents fight & curse each other – which will plant the seeds of aggression, irritability, helplessness & commitment phobia in them. I sincerely believe that it is in the best interest of all the people involved to let go than to stick to a wound that will only degrade with time. Get a surgery done, remove the wound & live happily thereon.

As humans, we must realize that nothing, absolutely nothing, should come in the path of our own happiness. Why do we start sacrificing, trying to please others rather than pleasing our own selves? Hedonism isn’t such a bad thing, after all. I am not advocating irrational, selfish behavior, all I am saying is that instead of living a lie, it’s better to live with love & laughter. We are on this planet for a short while, let’s be joyful & spread cheer rather than living in gloom forever.

Challenging Opposition With Strength

Many times when we are trying to stand up on our own two feet or when we are trying to achieve something which the world thinks we can’t, we have to muster up all the courage we have, to stand strong in the face of opposition. There will always be people who would be ready to mock you, remind you of your past failures & make sure to drill into your head that you are absolutely incapable of leading a dignified life.

My friend, if you are reading this, please remember that YOU ARE GOING TO ROCK IT ! Never ever pay heed to naysayers! They don’t realise the potential you have hidden inside you. Stay your course, no matter what. In order to achieve something big, we often have to face big hurdles. Don’t shy away from them. These hurdles will only make you a much more resilient human. Thank such naysayers for instilling resilience in you since this trait is needed to lead life on your own terms. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS. Work hard to fulfill them. Never lose hope. I promise, things will work out in your favour, eventually.

Write A Good One!

We are all but stories. Just like a story ends after a novel runs out of pages or a movie runs out of reel likewise life ends after we run out of breaths but memories stay. Write a good story (i.e. live a good life) so that viewers would want to revisit YOUR story again & again.. If you can write a classic, even better – it’s characteristic being that every time one re-reads the classic, some new lesson/message gets imprinted in the mind. That’s why they are considered timeless.. Happy writing, happy living!

Rise In Your Own Eyes

You decide to walk on a path which hits a dead end & now you are in a fix as to what to do next. Yes, you made a mistake but can’t you forgive yourself & improve? Why is it so hard to be lenient with your own self when you can easily pardon others for their follies?

Admitting to yourself that you are flawed is the key to becoming better as a human. Don’t cry over spilled milk instead get a cloth to clean the floor & be careful not to repeat the same mistake again. Wallowing in self pity or comparing yourself with others won’t get you anywhere in life but learning from your errors & improving yourself on a daily basis sure will.

Remember, you are your own competition. Strive to be better than yesterday, everyday. To err is human, to forgive is divine. Master the art of forgiving yourself & start afresh to live the life you have always wanted to live !