Talking Helps Like Nothing Else!

Whenever you face a stressful situation, always make the effort to talk it out with someone. Explain your issues in detail & most importantly, maintain a calm demeanor. If you talk & listen with patience & an open mind, you will see the situation from an objective light & chances are that you will you will find a breakthrough.

Talk. Listen. Share. That’s the mantra to stay positive & deal with all the issues that threaten to bog you down !! Remember, you’ve got this ! 🙂

Hurry! Run Away…From Toxic People !!!

Meeting or even giving mind space to toxic people is such a waste of time. It’s pitiful how some people can ONLY & ONLY spew venom on others. In case you are wondering who these toxic people are, let me give you some of their common traits : bullying, taunting, labeling, ostracizing others, only to hide their own insecurities. I am sure you must have come across such prototypes at least once.

The situation becomes worse when our own so called ‘near & dear ones’ look down on us. Hurting people by excluding them, bad mouthing them, treating them like dirt for no plausible fault of the victim, is a sin which even the Universe doesn’t forgive so easily. Karma eventually catches up.

To all those who have ever felt unloved & unwanted, please remember you are BEAUTIFUL! If some people can’t appreciate your worth, it’s their misfortune, not yours. Cut & shut such toxicity from your life. Life is meant to be lived, not dragged. Focus on building your own life. The ability to move on is a trait that can be cultivated. Self love is the best form of love. Don’t let their venom kill your soul.

Love & peace to all !!

Break Up/ Divorce

One wonders why this so called ‘society’ looks down on a couple who don’t want to be together anymore. Why is it such a big societal taboo to declare that this relationship didn’t work out & it’s time to move on? Moving on means the couple is hoping for better times in each of their lives & in their loved ones’ lives too. Is seeking happiness a crime in the eyes of the world?

It’s better to have two happy homes than to have one unhappy home. Often couples stick together for the sake of their children, not realizing that it’s those very children who would get impacted the most in the long term. Growing up, they’ll only see their parents fight & curse each other – which will plant the seeds of aggression, irritability, helplessness & commitment phobia in them. I sincerely believe that it is in the best interest of all the people involved to let go than to stick to a wound that will only degrade with time. Get a surgery done, remove the wound & live happily thereon.

As humans, we must realize that nothing, absolutely nothing, should come in the path of our own happiness. Why do we start sacrificing, trying to please others rather than pleasing our own selves? Hedonism isn’t such a bad thing, after all. I am not advocating irrational, selfish behavior, all I am saying is that instead of living a lie, it’s better to live with love & laughter. We are on this planet for a short while, let’s be joyful & spread cheer rather than living in gloom forever.

Blood Is Thicker Than Water…Or Is It?

Okay, let’s count as to how many families we see around us being broken & destroyed forever on materialistic issues like property & money.. Nah, never mind, we don’t have so many fingers!

This trend of ‘siblings’ & ‘relatives’ fighting each other like cats & dogs in order to have the ‘upper hand’ and ‘bigger share’ in financial matters within the household is eating up close knit families apart, thread-by-thread.

Yes, disagreements among family members have been a given since time immemorial – for that matter, you put a bunch of homo sapiens together in one house for more than a week & some sort of conflict is bound to happen(eg : the reality show Big Brother) because that’s how human nature is but those disagreements in the past didn’t turn relatives into ‘enemies’ battling court cases & passing nasty glares, as they do today. Life is a result of all kinds of experiences but turning those bad moments into fierce, acrimonious battles,which last forever, is just unfortunate. Apocalypse is here, friends.

All of us are on lease on this planet. A lease that can be renewed, at max, for approx 100 years. If we are all temporary residents then why are we so concerned about grabbing possessions instead of positive experiences & happy memories? At least be civil with each other, if you can’t always see eye-to-eye. By all means, aspire, inspire & be ambitious but not ruthless.