“Oh You Are So Pretty!” :P

”Oh you are so good looking”, said X to Y. Y blushed & said “oh, thank you! “

I have never understood why people say ‘thank you’ when someone compliments them for their looks. Did they customize their face & skin color in the factory of the Universe? Of course not. They were just born with their physical features so then why should they be taking credit by saying ‘thanks’? They should just say, “well, yeah, nature made me like that”.

Same goes for those who are brandished ‘ugly’ by these so called societal standards. They didn’t choose their features but the people looking down on them are certainly choosing their words. By being mean, these bullies only expose how shallow they are from within. Now, whose the ‘ugly’ one here?

Embrace yourself the way YOU are. Real beauty lies WITHIN. It manifests itself in our WILL POWER, DETERMINATION & POSITIVE ATTITUDE. This is not a cliche but the truth.

Improve as a person not as a ‘body’. Don’t be so obsessed with physical features because they don’t define who you are – your thoughts & actions do. A monochrome life on this planet would have been dull therefore the Universe decided to put in variety of all sorts – cherish them. Value them. After all, there is a sense of harmony in diversity.

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