Embracing Embarrassment :)

So many times we end up doing or saying something in a fit of rage, only to repent it immediately afterward. If done in a one off manner then our very old friend ‘sorry’ rescues us from the resulting embarrassment but if we keep getting into tricky situations with the same set of people way too frequently then even that sorry becomes meaningless.

Why do we behave like this? Why do we sometimes lose control? Why do we have to face that embarrassment – something that makes it difficult for us to even make eye contact with another person?

Even second hand embarrassment is very real – how many of you have cringed after seeing a mortifying scene on TV or in a movie? I, for one, have!

The best way to get past this instant feeling of awkwardness in real life is to face it head on. Use your own or borrowed wisdom. Make amends even if that just means maintaining self control. Sometimes silence & positive action from our side makes for greater atonement than spoken words (like sorry).

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