Cheers To Life !

After a certain age, don’t we all turn into boring/mechanical people who are always running after something & worrying about endless things on a daily basis! The carefree days of childhood seem to be tucked away somewhere in our long term memory..huh!

Yes, it’s necessary to be occupied in order to prevent the mind from becoming a devil’s workshop but it is also imperative to sometimes break the circuit & relax just for the sake of relaxing – taking a break not because the kids’ have their summer vacation or because you could turn a work trip into a work – cum- pleasure one just to please your spouse. Taking a break simply because YOU want to chill a bit. That’s all. No strings attached.

Being a responsible adult doesn’t mean you only cater to others’ needs and not your own. Learning new skills, meeting new people, ticking off all those items on your bucket list & most importantly becoming a better person , should feature in your daily to-do list along with the everyday mundane chores of life like paying bills, attending to work & buying groceries.

Adulting is a part of life – not your whole life. Smile. Laugh. Breathe. Love. Live a little 🙂

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