Learning To Be Mentally Strong

In life if there is one lesson that should be understood by one & all (irrespective of the ‘n’ number of individual differences that exist in the world), it is that we need to be mentally well built. There is a reason why our brain is situated right on top of our bodies. Our mind rules everything. Perception is often different from sensation. Our perception defines our lives.

Imbibe the fact that we cannot possibly control everything – we can’t dictate the terms of someone else’s life. At best, we have power over our own lives & that ‘power’ streams from our mind. If we choose to be helpless in front of circumstances, then please remember we are making a CHOICE. If we are anyway choosing, it’s better to make a better, wiser choice, isn’t it? Opt to be in control of YOURSELF. Life will eventually fall in order because it consists of seasons – one season after the other & time heals the biggest of wounds. Don’t let yourself disintegrate with the winds of time rather be like pollen & fly with the wind to plant a new life ๐Ÿ™‚

Secondly, BREATHE. Yeah, just that. Breathing in & out fully for 30-90 seconds helps in anxiety management. Don’t believe me? Try it out yourself the next time you are panicking over that dreaded exam or that investors’ pitch or even when someone dear is admitted in the hospital. Respiration has the power to heal your nerves.

Stress will always be a part of human & animal life. We can’t wish it away. Frankly, even animals undergo stress from time to time. During such times, never forget that we are more than the sum of all the chapters that exist in this book called ‘Life’. Some chapters may be hard but some are easy too. Let’s stride through this journey with a smile because we won’t help the situation by sobbing anyway. In fact, we may make it worse.
Light & Peace to All ๐Ÿ™‚

Comfort Zone

Oh that feelingโ€ฆyes,yes that one. It’s unsettling right? You just don’t wanna step out of that soft, velvety cocoon that you now live in. I get you, my friend.

It’s akin to being woken up from a deep slumber by an alarm clock on a Monday morning ! Who likes that but what needs to be done, needs to be done. It is imperative to get out of this comfort zone that we keep putting ourselves into or else we are only inviting inactivity.

Flowing water appears more cheerful than it’s still counterpart. So be like a river, always going with the flow, saying sayonara (bye) to the familiar & kon’nichiwa (hello) to the unknown in order to reach your own fullest potential. Don’t ever forget the known, for it taught you a lot but don’t be afraid of embracing the unknown either !

‘Failure’ & Overthinking

Please, please, tell me which scripture or legal document says that not being successful in a task is a cardinal sin? None, I would like to believe. If it is not a ‘crime’ then why are people afraid of talking about their misfired adventures?

Life is not supposed to be flawless. I really wonder who put this idea in the minds of the human race that being unsuccessful is something to be ashamed of.

You tell me , you have learnt how to ride a cycle, swim or how to play the guitar, right? Did you learn everything & became a perfectionist from the word go? If yes, then, my friend, you are a supra human ! ๐Ÿ™‚ otherwise mortals like me tend to try & try before we finally triumph.

Champions don’t emerge from the sky, they emerge from the masses but what makes them different from the majority is that they don’t believe in giving up, even when they feel that the world thinks they should.

Perseverance is a trait found in all those who want to or have realized the true meaning of life. By all means, fall, please do. Without falling, you won’t realize how to stand up on your own two feet. Tell me one person who has learnt to run without walking or one who has learnt to walk without falling down. I don’t think anyone like this really exists..

Humans overthink & believe that others are as bothered about their so calledfailures’ as they are but that’s far from truth. Everybody’s focal point revolves around their own life. They are as concerned about themselves as you are about yourself so don’t stress over what others would think, only focus on upping your game!

Cheers To Life !

After a certain age, don’t we all turn into boring/mechanical people who are always running after something & worrying about endless things on a daily basis! The carefree days of childhood seem to be tucked away somewhere in our long term memory..huh!

Yes, it’s necessary to be occupied in order to prevent the mind from becoming a devil’s workshop but it is also imperative to sometimes break the circuit & relax just for the sake of relaxing – taking a break not because the kids’ have their summer vacation or because you could turn a work trip into a work – cum- pleasure one just to please your spouse. Taking a break simply because YOU want to chill a bit. That’s all. No strings attached.

Being a responsible adult doesn’t mean you only cater to others’ needs and not your own. Learning new skills, meeting new people, ticking off all those items on your bucket list & most importantly becoming a better person , should feature in your daily to-do list along with the everyday mundane chores of life like paying bills, attending to work & buying groceries.

Adulting is a part of life – not your whole life. Smile. Laugh. Breathe. Love. Live a little ๐Ÿ™‚