‘Failure’ & Overthinking

Please, please, tell me which scripture or legal document says that not being successful in a task is a cardinal sin? None, I would like to believe. If it is not a ‘crime’ then why are people afraid of talking about their misfired adventures?

Life is not supposed to be flawless. I really wonder who put this idea in the minds of the human race that being unsuccessful is something to be ashamed of.

You tell me , you have learnt how to ride a cycle, swim or how to play the guitar, right? Did you learn everything & became a perfectionist from the word go? If yes, then, my friend, you are a supra human ! 🙂 otherwise mortals like me tend to try & try before we finally triumph.

Champions don’t emerge from the sky, they emerge from the masses but what makes them different from the majority is that they don’t believe in giving up, even when they feel that the world thinks they should.

Perseverance is a trait found in all those who want to or have realized the true meaning of life. By all means, fall, please do. Without falling, you won’t realize how to stand up on your own two feet. Tell me one person who has learnt to run without walking or one who has learnt to walk without falling down. I don’t think anyone like this really exists..

Humans overthink & believe that others are as bothered about their so calledfailures’ as they are but that’s far from truth. Everybody’s focal point revolves around their own life. They are as concerned about themselves as you are about yourself so don’t stress over what others would think, only focus on upping your game!

2 thoughts on “‘Failure’ & Overthinking

  1. This made my day and I completely enjoyed reading it and excellent choice of words. Thank you for sharing this and all the best for your future writings ❤️


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