The Illusion Called ‘Perfection’

Imperfection isn’t such a bad thing, guys. It’s a trait we are all born with. Don’t be hard on yourself while trying to be your ‘ideal’ best all the time.

By their very make-up, life & physical environment on earth are imperfect. Trees are not painted picture-perfect green all the time, they also shed their leaves & stand bare to witness the wind. Flowers aren’t always facing the sun in all their glory, they also wither away with time. This is called the life cycle. Nature is pleasing as it is & so are we.

I am not saying don’t enhance yourself, please do. Shed your old skin for a newer, more positive, more confident YOU but don’t overkill & try to become ‘flawless’ in everything you do. That’s not possible, my friend. While always be the best version of yourself, remember that best doesn’t equal perfect. Even the best of chefs sometimes don’t whip up their specialty dishes in the most exemplary manner, even the best of consultants sometimes go astray in their domain areas. This is called being human. Let’s be humane about being human. ๐Ÿ™‚

We end up inviting mental & subsequent physical problems while chasing ‘perfection’ in every little sphere of our lives. Let go of some thoughts. Sometimes letting go liberates us mentally in ways I can’t even begin to describe in words! It’s a powerful feeling.

Love yourself while being a work-in-progress. Don’t wait for ‘so-&-so’ life event to happen before you start accepting your own self. Life is a journey, with new twists & turns everyday. Put your best foot forward in every situation, learn from every experience but don’t be overly critical when you are not ‘perfect’ according to your own/others’ ‘standards’. We are all learning as we live. Cherish the journey, the destination is not ‘perfection’ but gratitude – for all the learning & experiences. ๐Ÿ™‚

Why Is History Important?

History provides context. Without knowing the past, we can never appreciate the present or plan for the future. By history, I don’t just mean national or world history but even history of a person. Without understanding where a person is coming from, what his/her experiences, learnings, unlearnings have been, we can’t possibly judge a person in entirety.

Say, I have a stomach ache. My doctor will not just ask me my symptoms but also what & from where I had eaten my last meal & also my past medical record. Only then will he/she be able to diagnose whether I have taken ill due to consuming leftover/street food or because of some other reason. Similarly, when trying to make sense of a human, we MUST, as a habit, try & look back into the life of that person.

Just seeing his/her present behavior could lead us into taking an erroneous decision. No need to be in a hurry, analyse situations & then form opinions.

Let’s Be Calm :)

Anxiety comes naturally to us & so do it’s pillion riders called hypertension, diabetes, thyroid, panic attacks..the list is limitless. Our mind loves playing tricks with us. We need to love outsmarting it ๐Ÿ™‚

Use logic to quieten your distressed self. Be conscious of each moment, guys. Take in a few deep breaths when your mind starts racing & coaxes you into believing that some upheaval is near when that’s clearly not true.

A calm, mature approach to any situation is always desirable. Anxiety only breeds immaturity & less thought – out actions. Breathe, think & act, not the other way round !

Knowledge & Wisdom Are Different

They are cousins, belonging to the grand tree of learning but don’t share the exact same genes. There are so many knowledgeable people around but wise ones are hard to find. If you ever find one, make sure to assimilate and pass on that wisdom to as many as possible because, after all, sagacity makes a person grounded & purposeful while just being informative may breed arrogance.

Comfort Zone

Oh that feelingโ€ฆyes,yes that one. It’s unsettling right? You just don’t wanna step out of that soft, velvety cocoon that you now live in. I get you, my friend.

It’s akin to being woken up from a deep slumber by an alarm clock on a Monday morning ! Who likes that but what needs to be done, needs to be done. It is imperative to get out of this comfort zone that we keep putting ourselves into or else we are only inviting inactivity.

Flowing water appears more cheerful than it’s still counterpart. So be like a river, always going with the flow, saying sayonara (bye) to the familiar & kon’nichiwa (hello) to the unknown in order to reach your own fullest potential. Don’t ever forget the known, for it taught you a lot but don’t be afraid of embracing the unknown either !

‘Failure’ & Overthinking

Please, please, tell me which scripture or legal document says that not being successful in a task is a cardinal sin? None, I would like to believe. If it is not a ‘crime’ then why are people afraid of talking about their misfired adventures?

Life is not supposed to be flawless. I really wonder who put this idea in the minds of the human race that being unsuccessful is something to be ashamed of.

You tell me , you have learnt how to ride a cycle, swim or how to play the guitar, right? Did you learn everything & became a perfectionist from the word go? If yes, then, my friend, you are a supra human ! ๐Ÿ™‚ otherwise mortals like me tend to try & try before we finally triumph.

Champions don’t emerge from the sky, they emerge from the masses but what makes them different from the majority is that they don’t believe in giving up, even when they feel that the world thinks they should.

Perseverance is a trait found in all those who want to or have realized the true meaning of life. By all means, fall, please do. Without falling, you won’t realize how to stand up on your own two feet. Tell me one person who has learnt to run without walking or one who has learnt to walk without falling down. I don’t think anyone like this really exists..

Humans overthink & believe that others are as bothered about their so calledfailures’ as they are but that’s far from truth. Everybody’s focal point revolves around their own life. They are as concerned about themselves as you are about yourself so don’t stress over what others would think, only focus on upping your game!

Judging Foodies

Food gives happiness & comfort to so many people. The kind of optimism it generates, the dopamine rush, seems to be quite exhilarating for foodies.

Those who live to eat are sometimes looked down by those who eat to live, I wonder why. Like others have hobbies like singing, painting, dancing etc which make them happy & help them to put their best foot forward, why can’t they understand that food makes foodies joyful..

Judgment comes so easily to humans, more like a heuristic but the thought of being empathetic doesn’t. Empathy would prevent so much of chaos in this world & make this place a better one to live in.