Let’s Learn Manners!

How many of you have interacted with the educated young adults of the 1950s/1960s ? Are you getting reminded of your grandparents or their contemporaries?

I have had the opportunity of meeting some such people & can vouch for the fact that they were and still are a class apart! The manners, the sophistication, the way of handling adverse situations instilled in them was much better than what we see today. In the present times, unfortunately, people really come down to expose their worst side whenever they are cornered.

Don’t believe me? OK, if you ever happen to notice a trivial argument between two people, you’ll see how humiliated they will make each other feel. The ‘F’ word bomb will be the first to be dropped from their mouths. The normalisation of such abusive language in our daily lingo is such a pity. The generation of yore had a certain dignity in them which made them talk respectfully even to their opponents but today people don’t shy away from stooping so low that would make anyone feel embarrassed.

Aren’t people supposed to improve with every passing generation? Why are we retrograding? People roaming around today with smartphones in hand feel they have ‘arrived’ & that they are more privileged than their older counterparts, maybe that’s why they feel, albeit foolishly, empowered enough to push their weight around instead of learning some manners. It’s high time we look ourselves in the mirror & bring about a qualitative change in our behavior to make this world a more livable place!

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