Parents’ Need To ‘Show Off’ Their Kids Warrants A Re-Look

” My daughter earns lakhs per year, your son doesn’t even have a stable job?”

“Oh my daughter just got a promotion & is getting such worthy marriage proposals, your daughter isn’t financially independent yet?

Aren’t these some typical conversations that we often see parents indulge in when talking about their off springs? It’s almost as if parents want to carry their off springs’ achievements as badges of honor to be displayed to the whole world – just to boost their own self esteem.

Are children equivalent to medals that need to be displayed to the world only to get some social validation? Why is it necessary for every child to follow the same, conventional route to gain ‘societal approval’?

If a child has the courage & perseverance to go after his/her dream & unfortunately fails to make a mark in the initial few years, why does society start seeing him/her in a different light? WHO SAYS THAT THAT SAME CHILD WON’T ACHIEVE GREAT HEIGHTS IN THE FUTURE? This is the reason why people get so crazy about achieving high grades in examinations – just to attain or maintain a high place in this stifling ‘society’.

Children are individuals in their own right, they will find their own way eventually. These days, sadly,nobody values people for what they are, their value is only determined by their designation. What the hell have we done, World? Where did we go so wrong??

Is it necessary for every person to reach the finish line at the same time? No it’s not & it isn’t even possible. Your child’s success should not determine your place in ‘society’, your behavior & values should. Nobody emphasizes on being a good human being anymore, everyone just wants a large pay package – which only comes in handy while paying hospital bills for all the non communicable diseases acquired while earning loads of money in their ‘stressful’ jobs.

I really PITY people who NEED to compare their children to those children who are, at the moment, supposedly ‘inferior’. Such people NEED to show someone else down, only to rise in their own eyes ! What a shame. Please understand, life is not a linear journey – it is full of ups & downs. After every morning there is an evening & vice versa. The same people who are often looked down by others, rise much much above later in life. Every human is unique – we can’t compare the five fingers in our hand – they have their own role to play so does every person on this planet.

Stop judging people on the basis of their ‘successes’ or ‘failures’. Make life more meaningful. Focus on positive relationships, happiness, motivation, values because, no matter what, in the end (say 80 years down the line) people will only remember, if at all, what kind of a human you were & not what your last pay drawn was. Live & let live ! 🙂

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