Kindness Is A Fashion Statement..

Which never goes out of vogue

In life, if there is one lesson that each and every child should imbibe, it is that what goes around, comes around. Being kind not only helps others around us but also helps us in the process. Our actions always catch up so it’s advisable to be as correct in our conduct & thoughts as we can be. Yes, life is not perfect but we can at least be conscious of our own behavior in order to shield ourselves from avoidable misery.

Love & peace to all !!

Love As An Emotion

Love – for a person/thing/place, is such a warm, cozy feeling. It has the power to make the world go round. It is way better than hate. Hatred only breeds negativity but love liberates. Of course it feels better to be loved than to just keep giving love, but even the latter is a very empowering feeling. I’d like to remind all those people who nurture and live on hate, to give warmth a chance. It not only would make them a much calmer & happier lot but also spread positive vibes in the air !!

The Balm Called Music

Music can instantly lighten the atmosphere. It has the capacity to uplift your mood & make you feel better in a matter of minutes. No wonder most soap operas & movies have a background score to add that extra effect. Even animals seem to respond to some soulful tunes. Seriously, life without music can be so dry.

One piece of unsolicited advice, next time you feel low, turn to music therapy. You may just see your happy, confident self come back 🙂

Let’s Learn Manners!

How many of you have interacted with the educated young adults of the 1950s/1960s ? Are you getting reminded of your grandparents or their contemporaries?

I have had the opportunity of meeting some such people & can vouch for the fact that they were and still are a class apart! The manners, the sophistication, the way of handling adverse situations instilled in them was much better than what we see today. In the present times, unfortunately, people really come down to expose their worst side whenever they are cornered.

Don’t believe me? OK, if you ever happen to notice a trivial argument between two people, you’ll see how humiliated they will make each other feel. The ‘F’ word bomb will be the first to be dropped from their mouths. The normalisation of such abusive language in our daily lingo is such a pity. The generation of yore had a certain dignity in them which made them talk respectfully even to their opponents but today people don’t shy away from stooping so low that would make anyone feel embarrassed.

Aren’t people supposed to improve with every passing generation? Why are we retrograding? People roaming around today with smartphones in hand feel they have ‘arrived’ & that they are more privileged than their older counterparts, maybe that’s why they feel, albeit foolishly, empowered enough to push their weight around instead of learning some manners. It’s high time we look ourselves in the mirror & bring about a qualitative change in our behavior to make this world a more livable place!

Let’s Be Calm :)

Anxiety comes naturally to us & so do it’s pillion riders called hypertension, diabetes, thyroid, panic attacks..the list is limitless. Our mind loves playing tricks with us. We need to love outsmarting it 🙂

Use logic to quieten your distressed self. Be conscious of each moment, guys. Take in a few deep breaths when your mind starts racing & coaxes you into believing that some upheaval is near when that’s clearly not true.

A calm, mature approach to any situation is always desirable. Anxiety only breeds immaturity & less thought – out actions. Breathe, think & act, not the other way round !

Comfort Zone

Oh that feeling…yes,yes that one. It’s unsettling right? You just don’t wanna step out of that soft, velvety cocoon that you now live in. I get you, my friend.

It’s akin to being woken up from a deep slumber by an alarm clock on a Monday morning ! Who likes that but what needs to be done, needs to be done. It is imperative to get out of this comfort zone that we keep putting ourselves into or else we are only inviting inactivity.

Flowing water appears more cheerful than it’s still counterpart. So be like a river, always going with the flow, saying sayonara (bye) to the familiar & kon’nichiwa (hello) to the unknown in order to reach your own fullest potential. Don’t ever forget the known, for it taught you a lot but don’t be afraid of embracing the unknown either !

Believe In Yourself

“Oh, I should have done this. I should have said that then. How I wish I was more confident back then …. “

Familiar with these dialogues? Sure, we ALL are ! Aren’t these the same bullies who pay us an unsolicited visit every time we decide to walk on that less beaten track or when we start comparing ourselves with others ? Gosh, we really need to start respecting & loving our own selves.

Now, I’ll tell you something about bullies – they hide their insecurities behind aggression. That’s what regret (I rather call them learning) & under confidence also try to do with our minds – limit our ability to conquer the world by masking our cognition & emotion over a gloom of darkness. So what, if you didn’t achieve so-so thing before so-so time, you can very well go ahead & add so many new feathers to your cap.

LEARN from your past. Experiences exist to enrich us, not to demean us. Don’t beat yourself over what you could have done because in the process you’ll let go of what you can do. Don’t let your mind rule you, YOU should rule your mind.

You are a summation of the whole of your experiences & not a product of a few negative events that may have hit you like a cyclone. Understand yourself. Have compassion for yourself. There is no time limit for self enhancement, it’s a life long process. Move over your yesterdays to live a shining today & a fulfilling tomorrow. 🙂

Why Can’t We Handle Criticism?

Often when someone points out our short coming, we tend to take it as a personal insult & make a face as to why this person is saying all that he/she is. This person could be a parent,friend,boss or even a stranger. We end up feeling unpleasant & start criticizing & pointing fingers at the other person in order to drive home the point that even he/she is not perfect..

Reacting like this to any negative feedback is more like a defense mechanism for a lot of people. Why do individuals rise up against an unpalatable critique? All of us know that all mortal beings are, by definition, imperfect then why do we make acknowledging that such a big ego hassle?

If put rightly then the feedback given by the person may still be accepted by us but if he/she decides to say the same thing in a slightly curt manner then suddenly all hell breaks loose & we get into an argument or start harboring a grudge for no rhyme-or-reason.

Learning to be conscious of our blemishes is the only way to emerge brighter than before! Master the art of keeping people who point out your weaknesses close to you because they are the ones who’ll refine you unlike sycophants who only know how to please.

Judging Foodies

Food gives happiness & comfort to so many people. The kind of optimism it generates, the dopamine rush, seems to be quite exhilarating for foodies.

Those who live to eat are sometimes looked down by those who eat to live, I wonder why. Like others have hobbies like singing, painting, dancing etc which make them happy & help them to put their best foot forward, why can’t they understand that food makes foodies joyful..

Judgment comes so easily to humans, more like a heuristic but the thought of being empathetic doesn’t. Empathy would prevent so much of chaos in this world & make this place a better one to live in.


Have you ever met a psychic ? Anxiety about the future is something all of us grapple with. The fear of the unknown is real & oh-so-how & psychics are apparently able to see what life has in store. Now, that’s a superpower everyone wants! Having a GPS for navigating through life would reduce the mental & physical agony of humans to a great extent.Maybe someday, someone would develop an app for that, you never know! I haven’t met a psychic in real life, do you think they actually exist?