Love & Marriage

People are good at love but not necessarily at being married. Just look at all the married couples around you, some of them dated for years while some were mere acquaintances before tying the knot but all of them seem to be struggling through this institution called marriage at some point or the other.

So common is this phenomenon that many people simply avoid getting married all their lives even though they maybe going strong with their girlfriend/boyfriend for the longest time. Living the SAME life & making someone an important part of YOUR life are two completely different things.

The ‘opposites attract’ theory sounds thrilling during the courtship period but doesn’t necessarily hold in good stead after getting married. You tell me, if you & your partner are opposites in almost everything from food to clothes to idea of a perfect holiday to the overall outlook towards life, how will you ever find that much needed support for which people yearn to get married ?

For a stable marriage, mutual respect, friendship & a sense of similarity is imperative. Love fizzles out like the carbon dioxide present in soft drinks, what stays is the taste in the drink (and in the relationship). Try & make your relationship fundamentally sweet so that you are not dependent on the temporary fizz to make you happy 🙂

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