Discipline & The Human Race

Most of us are lazy by nature but because we need to survive (& thrive, if you may), we need to work consistently hard every single day. Irrespective of your profession – you may be a housewife, a student, an entrepreneur or an office goer, you are made to put in your best efforts.

Isn’t it interesting to wonder why humans are often expected to do things which don’t normally come naturally to us? As in, most of us would like to snooze the alarm in the morning & return to the refuge of our slumber but we are expected to wake up & be disciplined. Why are we wired in ways which are different from what is expected of us? Discipline doesn’t come innately to the best of us – you would know if you have ever struggled to live up to your new year resolutions…they are meant to be broken, they say! Seriously, did you go that gym for more than three consecutive days in January? 🙂

The reason why people need regular motivational talks to pep themselves up is because motivation, discipline, consistency, hard work don’t come so easily to us as aggression or laziness does. Please, tell me someone, as to why these undesirable traits are readily accessible to us within ourselves but desirable traits have to be mined like coal? Mining is hard & strenuous while vices are like ready-to-eat packaged food. The argument is that strenuous labor keeps you fit while packaged food gives you health problems in the long run then my question is why are we wired to pick up that packet of wafers more than wearing those walking shoes? Something to ponder about..

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