Talking Helps Like Nothing Else!

Whenever you face a stressful situation, always make the effort to talk it out with someone. Explain your issues in detail & most importantly, maintain a calm demeanor. If you talk & listen with patience & an open mind, you will see the situation from an objective light & chances are that you will you will find a breakthrough.

Talk. Listen. Share. That’s the mantra to stay positive & deal with all the issues that threaten to bog you down !! Remember, you’ve got this ! 🙂

Rise In Your Own Eyes

You decide to walk on a path which hits a dead end & now you are in a fix as to what to do next. Yes, you made a mistake but can’t you forgive yourself & improve? Why is it so hard to be lenient with your own self when you can easily pardon others for their follies?

Admitting to yourself that you are flawed is the key to becoming better as a human. Don’t cry over spilled milk instead get a cloth to clean the floor & be careful not to repeat the same mistake again. Wallowing in self pity or comparing yourself with others won’t get you anywhere in life but learning from your errors & improving yourself on a daily basis sure will.

Remember, you are your own competition. Strive to be better than yesterday, everyday. To err is human, to forgive is divine. Master the art of forgiving yourself & start afresh to live the life you have always wanted to live !

Let’s Be Calm :)

Anxiety comes naturally to us & so do it’s pillion riders called hypertension, diabetes, thyroid, panic attacks..the list is limitless. Our mind loves playing tricks with us. We need to love outsmarting it 🙂

Use logic to quieten your distressed self. Be conscious of each moment, guys. Take in a few deep breaths when your mind starts racing & coaxes you into believing that some upheaval is near when that’s clearly not true.

A calm, mature approach to any situation is always desirable. Anxiety only breeds immaturity & less thought – out actions. Breathe, think & act, not the other way round !

Believe In Yourself

“Oh, I should have done this. I should have said that then. How I wish I was more confident back then …. “

Familiar with these dialogues? Sure, we ALL are ! Aren’t these the same bullies who pay us an unsolicited visit every time we decide to walk on that less beaten track or when we start comparing ourselves with others ? Gosh, we really need to start respecting & loving our own selves.

Now, I’ll tell you something about bullies – they hide their insecurities behind aggression. That’s what regret (I rather call them learning) & under confidence also try to do with our minds – limit our ability to conquer the world by masking our cognition & emotion over a gloom of darkness. So what, if you didn’t achieve so-so thing before so-so time, you can very well go ahead & add so many new feathers to your cap.

LEARN from your past. Experiences exist to enrich us, not to demean us. Don’t beat yourself over what you could have done because in the process you’ll let go of what you can do. Don’t let your mind rule you, YOU should rule your mind.

You are a summation of the whole of your experiences & not a product of a few negative events that may have hit you like a cyclone. Understand yourself. Have compassion for yourself. There is no time limit for self enhancement, it’s a life long process. Move over your yesterdays to live a shining today & a fulfilling tomorrow. 🙂

Realising Your Worth..

People tend to live in a bubble when they are in school/college. Life seems to be wearing rose tinted glasses. Studies, friends, hang outs seem to make them feel content, trendy & important. Unfortunately, the bubble bursts the moment they step out into the big, bad competitive world as young adults where they end up feeling reduced to nothing but a number – one in so many.

Earlier, they had been a part of an institution/system (school/college) which at max had a few thousand students but now suddenly they find themselves competing for jobs/place in ‘society’ with people from all kinds of varied backgrounds. All have their own stories to tell.

One thing to be told at the Convocation Ceremony to all the new graduates should be that YOU are VALUED. Period. Doesn’t matter when you will land that ‘dream’ job or that ‘fat’pay check or how quickly you’ll ‘settle down’ (I abhor this term BTW..seriously, are we dust particles that we will settle down‘ !), what matters is that YOU are ONE of a KIND.

Individual differences are a part of human existence & that should be celebrated instead of painting everyone with the same brush & expecting conformity in the name of ‘success’. This straitjacket approach to life has resulted in increasing cases of mental & emotional breakdowns. They are WORSE than physical ailments, any day..

Success is of various kinds. Truly successful people are those who are kind, purposeful humans who are full of empathy & strive to make this world a better, more accepting place to be in. After all, as Keynes had rightly said, “in the long run we are all dead” so why bother to run after societal definitions of success? Carve your OWN path. Be YOUR OWN PERSON 🙂

Being Your Own Best Friend

Many a times when we face challenges in life, we end up looking for support from our near & dear ones. We do get that support for some time but if our misery gets prolonged then after a point even our close ones stop cheering us up every single day. Fair enough, after all even they are human. For how long will they keep repeating the same dialogues.

In such a scenario & in life in general, we should learn to be our own cheerleaders. We should always have our own back. We should always believe in our own self, doesn’t matter if others do or not.

Never look down on yourself. Fall. Learn. Improve. Never give up. Be happy from within, happiness attracts peace & serenity. You are not powerless in front of a challenge, you have the courage, you just need to find it from within you 🙂