The Balm Called Music

Music can instantly lighten the atmosphere. It has the capacity to uplift your mood & make you feel better in a matter of minutes. No wonder most soap operas & movies have a background score to add that extra effect. Even animals seem to respond to some soulful tunes. Seriously, life without music can be so dry.

One piece of unsolicited advice, next time you feel low, turn to music therapy. You may just see your happy, confident self come back 🙂

Why Is History Important?

History provides context. Without knowing the past, we can never appreciate the present or plan for the future. By history, I don’t just mean national or world history but even history of a person. Without understanding where a person is coming from, what his/her experiences, learnings, unlearnings have been, we can’t possibly judge a person in entirety.

Say, I have a stomach ache. My doctor will not just ask me my symptoms but also what & from where I had eaten my last meal & also my past medical record. Only then will he/she be able to diagnose whether I have taken ill due to consuming leftover/street food or because of some other reason. Similarly, when trying to make sense of a human, we MUST, as a habit, try & look back into the life of that person.

Just seeing his/her present behavior could lead us into taking an erroneous decision. No need to be in a hurry, analyse situations & then form opinions.