Rising Above The Imperfections

Happiness is a choice. We are happy not because everything is perfect but because we need to look at the larger picture & accept the imperfections while chasing our North Star. Our ‘Dhruva’ Tara maybe a passion, a career or maybe just a desire to live a more meaningful & fulfilling life every single day.

Imperfections are part and parcel of life. Sometimes things are not in our control. We get engrossed in situations which are unnecessary & energy sapping. Say for instance getting into an argument with a colleague or a random co passenger. They may irritate us & bring out the worst in us but it is up to our own good sense to reflect on our behavior and refine our personalities after the storm has passed. Reflection is extremely crucial for it helps us become better persons.

We can’t guide others but we can learn to manage ourselves by being conscious of our words & actions. All humans should strive towards inner peace, something most seem to be missing in the daily hustle bustle of life. Seriously, look around you, how many people do you see laughing or smiling for no apparent reason? Next to zilch. Those who do, tend to stand out from the crowd, don’t they? 🙂

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