The Rarity Called Loyalty

Even though loyalty is considered an ideal, it is so hard to find in real life. Loyalty deficit is amply visible to anyone who has ever hired employees to work for him/her. It’s a disturbing trend that no matter how many perks & courtesies you offer to your employees, they are very rarely loyal to you or your vision. That’s how terms like ‘insider trading’ etc became a part of our lingua franca.

A person who is not true to his/her word is slightly less of a human being. Loyalty is not just a new word that’s learnt in school, it’s a virtue which when imbibed in each person’s personality would make this world a much more conducive & happy place to mutually co exist in. Why do we always forget goodness so easily?

Realising Your Worth..

People tend to live in a bubble when they are in school/college. Life seems to be wearing rose tinted glasses. Studies, friends, hang outs seem to make them feel content, trendy & important. Unfortunately, the bubble bursts the moment they step out into the big, bad competitive world as young adults where they end up feeling reduced to nothing but a number – one in so many.

Earlier, they had been a part of an institution/system (school/college) which at max had a few thousand students but now suddenly they find themselves competing for jobs/place in ‘society’ with people from all kinds of varied backgrounds. All have their own stories to tell.

One thing to be told at the Convocation Ceremony to all the new graduates should be that YOU are VALUED. Period. Doesn’t matter when you will land that ‘dream’ job or that ‘fat’pay check or how quickly you’ll ‘settle down’ (I abhor this term BTW..seriously, are we dust particles that we will settle down‘ !), what matters is that YOU are ONE of a KIND.

Individual differences are a part of human existence & that should be celebrated instead of painting everyone with the same brush & expecting conformity in the name of ‘success’. This straitjacket approach to life has resulted in increasing cases of mental & emotional breakdowns. They are WORSE than physical ailments, any day..

Success is of various kinds. Truly successful people are those who are kind, purposeful humans who are full of empathy & strive to make this world a better, more accepting place to be in. After all, as Keynes had rightly said, “in the long run we are all dead” so why bother to run after societal definitions of success? Carve your OWN path. Be YOUR OWN PERSON 🙂