The Illusion Called ‘Perfection’

Imperfection isn’t such a bad thing, guys. It’s a trait we are all born with. Don’t be hard on yourself while trying to be your ‘ideal’ best all the time.

By their very make-up, life & physical environment on earth are imperfect. Trees are not painted picture-perfect green all the time, they also shed their leaves & stand bare to witness the wind. Flowers aren’t always facing the sun in all their glory, they also wither away with time. This is called the life cycle. Nature is pleasing as it is & so are we.

I am not saying don’t enhance yourself, please do. Shed your old skin for a newer, more positive, more confident YOU but don’t overkill & try to become ‘flawless’ in everything you do. That’s not possible, my friend. While always be the best version of yourself, remember that best doesn’t equal perfect. Even the best of chefs sometimes don’t whip up their specialty dishes in the most exemplary manner, even the best of consultants sometimes go astray in their domain areas. This is called being human. Let’s be humane about being human. 🙂

We end up inviting mental & subsequent physical problems while chasing ‘perfection’ in every little sphere of our lives. Let go of some thoughts. Sometimes letting go liberates us mentally in ways I can’t even begin to describe in words! It’s a powerful feeling.

Love yourself while being a work-in-progress. Don’t wait for ‘so-&-so’ life event to happen before you start accepting your own self. Life is a journey, with new twists & turns everyday. Put your best foot forward in every situation, learn from every experience but don’t be overly critical when you are not ‘perfect’ according to your own/others’ ‘standards’. We are all learning as we live. Cherish the journey, the destination is not ‘perfection’ but gratitude – for all the learning & experiences. 🙂

Why Can’t We Handle Criticism?

Often when someone points out our short coming, we tend to take it as a personal insult & make a face as to why this person is saying all that he/she is. This person could be a parent,friend,boss or even a stranger. We end up feeling unpleasant & start criticizing & pointing fingers at the other person in order to drive home the point that even he/she is not perfect..

Reacting like this to any negative feedback is more like a defense mechanism for a lot of people. Why do individuals rise up against an unpalatable critique? All of us know that all mortal beings are, by definition, imperfect then why do we make acknowledging that such a big ego hassle?

If put rightly then the feedback given by the person may still be accepted by us but if he/she decides to say the same thing in a slightly curt manner then suddenly all hell breaks loose & we get into an argument or start harboring a grudge for no rhyme-or-reason.

Learning to be conscious of our blemishes is the only way to emerge brighter than before! Master the art of keeping people who point out your weaknesses close to you because they are the ones who’ll refine you unlike sycophants who only know how to please.