Scarcity of Efficient Workers

The number of efficient workers in the world is so low that when we come across one, we cannot not praise that person enough ! Work & life becomes so smooth when you have responsive, hard working & industrious co workers.

People who are lethargic, corrupt & always cribbing are best avoided but unfortunately their proportion in the populace is too high so the chances of meeting them increases manifold… Dear reader, isn’t it such a pain to deal with irresponsible co workers? Phew !

The Rarity Called Loyalty

Even though loyalty is considered an ideal, it is so hard to find in real life. Loyalty deficit is amply visible to anyone who has ever hired employees to work for him/her. It’s a disturbing trend that no matter how many perks & courtesies you offer to your employees, they are very rarely loyal to you or your vision. That’s how terms like ‘insider trading’ etc became a part of our lingua franca.

A person who is not true to his/her word is slightly less of a human being. Loyalty is not just a new word that’s learnt in school, it’s a virtue which when imbibed in each person’s personality would make this world a much more conducive & happy place to mutually co exist in. Why do we always forget goodness so easily?