Empathy-less Folks Cut Such A Sorry Figure!

Have you ever had an encounter (an unfortunate one, though! ) with a person who simply lacks empathy (i.e. the ability to feel what another is going through)? How can such people ever truly be happy, I wonder. What would you say to a person who is bereft of emotions or someone who only reserves emotions like care for a select few (say, close family members) and not for anyone else?

I really feel sorry for such empathy less souls. To my mind, they don’t deserve to be called humans in the right sense simply because a person is just bones & flesh without emotions. Emotions are what set a human apart. Empathy is a trait only found in homo sapiens. Yes animals (especially dogs,horses etc) are intelligent but they can at best sympathize with their human masters. There is a difference between sympathy & empathy.

Such insensitive ‘humans’ eventually end up lonely in life because probably all they did was invest in money or career instead of investing in relationships as well. The quality of a person’s life is determined by only two factors – how happy they are & whether they have meaningful relationships to fall back on or not. Money can’t buy happiness, it’s a fact.

I would urge all those reading this article to develop compassion & empathy in themselves – it’s never too late to embrace positivity & virtues because please remember, in life, what goes around comes around. If we are rude & harsh, the world will also be mean to us but if we are kind, even the Universe would be kind in return.

May there be understanding & care in this world instead of selfishness & rudeness. To quote late Mr Michael Jackson’s song : “We are the world, we are the children, we are the ones who make a brighter day so let’s start giving“. Let’s start loving & living 🙂

Do I Sound Utopian?

Be the change you want to see in the world.

I am sure you have come across this quote way too many times. You have heard it, maybe rote learnt it for an exam too, but have you internalized it?

My writings speak of a more humane, peaceful, compassionate & less anxious world. Some of you may think I sound Utopian & that we can only do so much – at best change ourselves but not the people around us, so what’s the point in being so nice when others just go about their daily life without a care for virtues?

Good question, buddy but I have a counter for it 🙂 Change starts from within us. If negativity multiplied in a domino effect why can’t positive thought & action counter it by being a greater force? If we all start to change bit-by-bit, this world would surely become a more congenial space to co-exist in.

Through vicarious learning people would start emulating you provided you start believing in being the force behind the CHANGE. Sustainable development of the human race is crucial for life to flourish in. We were NOT created to tolerate the ‘drudgery’ of life ! We were given the gift of life to make some good out of it not just for ourselves but for others too.

Take a step forward in the right direction, you’ll see an entire camaraderie rallying behind you. Call a spade, a spade. Stand up for what is right. Reject the wrong. Start with your own flaws. Leave impressive footprints for humanity to follow & learn from & one day you’ll look back feeling satisfied 🙂

Help? Sure But Conditions Apply !

What’s in it for ME? What will I gain out of it? Why should I do this for YOU?

Be honest & ask yourself, aren’t these the questions that cross your mind whenever someone asks you to do something which doesn’t directly/ indirectly concern you? If you graciously decide to help then you make sure to maintain a mental note of all the things you have done & wait for the right time to get the favor returned. Am I right ?

Most adult relationships are a form of quid pro quo, always looking for a high Return-On-Investment. Where has all the goodness-for-the-sake-of-goodness gone? Did it ever exist in real or has it just been a part of our collective consciousness? Why are we always taught to be virtuous when vice comes more naturally to humans?

Looking out for someone without an ulterior motive is so rare that if some kind soul actually exists, he/she is made to feel like a saint or a Nobel Peace Prize winner – someone rooting for peace in a world where violence & anger exist organically but love & compassion need to be consciously developed !

Imagine a world where everyone thought of the other person before him/herself, forming a chain of benevolence. A space where unknown people were not suspected but thought of as those who would stand for what is right & would willing help a distressed person. This way wouldn’t we all be less anxious & happier souls?